Chris is optimistic about the future, and believes Santa Rosa’s best days are ahead of us.  But as the economy recovers, it’s important to have the right leaders making the decisions about our city’s future.  Chris recognizes the unique character of Santa Rosa that makes it such a great place to live, work, raise a family or retire.  With Chris’s leadership and your support, we can make sure that the next generation will live in a Santa Rosa that is an even more desirable city than it is today.

Ideas, not Ideology; Action, not Argument

  • An independent voice and critical thinker
  • Understands Santa Rosa’s issues, its people, its neighborhoods
  • Successfully worked with a broad coalition of activists and interest groups while at SMART

Environment + Economy = Quality of Life

  • Santa Rosa’s natural setting is its greatest attribute
  • Leverage our assets to attract quality, good-paying  jobs
  • Preserve and enhance our community character and quality of life

An Inclusive, Connected Santa Rosa

  • Support our growing senior population
  • Create a healthy and inclusive community for families, teens and young children
  • Effectively involve neighborhood leaders in city process
  • Recruit participation from west-side  residents and unrepresented groups
  • Pursue annexation of Roseland

Fiscal Stewardship and Preservation of Resources

  • Budget to protect core city services: public safety, parks and recreation, streets
  • Recognize and budget for real pension costs and obligations, be transparent about future costs
  • Continue pursuit of pension reform, with equity among employee groups

Restore City Services

  • Safe neighborhoods, green parks, lighted streets and good roads for all
  • Quality recreation programs and senior centers

A Safe, Secure Santa Rosa

  • Maintain police and fire resources with an updated Measure O
  • Continue a robust gang-prevention program and provide alternatives for youth
  • Enforce traffic laws and keep our streets safe for all users